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Walk With Me - Two Clever Brothers

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Freedan age 7, Derik age 10 and their mother Claudine share their story about escaping domestic violence in Canada. In this video clip, this loving family will talk about their fears surrounding the stereotypes about being homeless.

They will also share their dreams for the future along with some jokes and songs from these talented kids that are clearly so full of potential. It is remarkable to see how positive and optimistic this family can be despite navigating homelessness. Claudine even has plans to one day open a homeless shelter so that she can help woman and children going through what she has been through.

A few months after making this video, we were able to get Freedan professional headshots to help him launch his acting dream.

"Walk With Me" is a mini documentary series filmed, edited and directed by Justine Sophia in 2016. The goal of the series is to get to know families and better understand why people are falling into homelessness.

If we can understand the causes of systemic homelessness, then we can learn as a society what changes and support is needed in our community so that preventative measures can be taken to keep families off of the streets and out of the shelters.

Skid Row especially, is no place for a child.

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