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13-year-old Aspiring Rapper Mentored by KSHMR

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

After visiting the shelter, KSHMR was moved to sponsor a young artist by gifting him with all the professional equipment needed to start producing his own music.

Niles Hollowell-Dhar otherwise known by his stage name KSHMR has been placed on DJ Top 100. He has collaborated with artists such as Selena Gomez and currently performs for thousands on stages around the world.

“If you don't have anything to say then you should not really be an artist. I think that Thaddeus has something to say.” - KSHMR

Thaddeus was two weeks out of finishing the seventh grade when he got invited to the home of KSHMR where he was gifted a brand new laptop computer, a state of the art microphone for recording, and customized headphones with his artist name inscribed on them “Messorum,” as well as music producing software called Ableton.

“Accept the fact that right now you are only half as good as you are going to be. Here is the equipment that I wish someone had given to me when I was your age,” KSHMR said to a smiling Thaddeus.

A Mentor is Born

We believe in Thaddeus’s passion and potential, and believe that he is determined to make socially-conscious music in addition to promoting self-expression.

Empowering the next generation can take many forms. Not only does Thaddeus have the technology needed to train and hone his craft, but he also has gained a dedicated mentor figure who believes in him. For a young person going through a tough time, an experience like this is life-changing.

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