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Ruby Chase Leads the Way for All Voices to be Heard

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

There from the beginning was LA artist, singer songwriter Ruby Chase. With purpose and ease, she guided the singing of kids currently living at the homeless shelter, over the chorus of the Project Blindfold song along with her own beautiful voice.

Any space that Ruby Chase walks into instantly feels uplifted. "It's so incredible to witness the kids eyes light up when they realize that anything is possible," she reflected.

"It is going to take all of us, but if we all take a stand for what matters, we can make global change. The art is our way to make impact." - Ruby Chase

On multiple occasions, Ruby has been a guest speaker at Mondays at the Mission career and life skills program for homeless teens to motivate, inspire and share her story. "Every single mentor that enters that room represents a different life, that if they choose to create it, could be theirs," she reflected while recording in the music studio.

Artists for Impact

Along with her production company, "Convergence Presents" which merges storytelling, party with a purpose, and performance into one, Ruby also is the creator of "Her Story," a live performance show reimagining history by combining original organic dance, music, fire, and ritual arts to symbolize the forgotten mysteries of the feminine nature.

She is also the founder of "The Red Word Artist Collective" which is a 6 Month training designed to unlock your voice, tap into your creative power and develop a strong foundation of a healthy lifestyle. We are so grateful for all that Ruby Chase brings to the world and her community and cannot wait to continue collaborating with her.

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