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MC Woes Writes the Blindfold Anthem in One Day

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Local LA artist Joey Hinzo is a songwriter and rapper known by the stage name MC Woes. His album "Verbal Building" has toured the world. He believes that the power of spoken word in underground hip hop has the potential to express, inspire and elevate consciousness.

After visiting as a guest speaker and performing some rap songs for students living at the homeless shelter, MC Woes was deeply moved and was invited to write and record the song that would become Project Blindfold's anthem, platform and call to action.

"It’s almost to a point where in American culture problems in the world become a distant buzz in the background that people don’t really think about. So the point I am making in the song is that no, this is right in front of your face, you see this, but we don’t do anything about it.” - MC WOES

In addition to his huge artistic contribution, Woes was so inspired by the young people that he helped spread the word and was instrumental in the fundraising campaign to launch the video efforts by, reaching out to his fans and supporters to donate and support making the video come alive.

Words as Truth to Power

It could be said that the true essence and spirit of hip hop is the idea of taking nothing and turning it into something. Mc Woes commented that, “Skid Row is a designated area where society has just given up." Unfortunately, there are far to many precious souls on Skid Row that feel forgotten. Equally upsetting is the number of children facing the inhuman reality of Skid Row life on a daily basis. The goal from day one, was to put the audience in the shoes of these children and call out the powers that be for allowing this to happen.

The socio-political undercurrent of the song was intentional, however at the end of the day it is important for music and all art to move people, and this song accomplishes both aspects. “I need to focus my energy on things I can affect. I can affect my relationships with those around me. I can affect things within my community.” Woes brought so much passion, skill and wit to the feeling and impact of the song and the "affect" will certainly create ripples far and wide. What better a person to author such a song, than an LA native himself.

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