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A Special Day with the "Love Activists"

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Two girls experiencing houselessness got to spend the day with Alizah Silver, the founder and director of the “Love Activists” a non-profit organization, where they were over the moon excited to participate in the “Mother Earth” music video.

Accompanied by the magical Ms. Silver, the students got to spend an entire day far from Skid Row, where they got to go hiking at a horse farm in Topanga Canyon, climb trees in the forest, and play on the beach in Malibu till sunset.


The goal of the LOVE ACTIVISTS training program is to prepare the next generations to make the world a better place through compassionate leadership and responsible citizenship.

The LOVE ACTIVISTS stand up for love. They protect what is sacred, the voiceless, the plants, animals, children, and nature.  They activate the love inside so that they can share it with others!

The goal of the LOVE ACTIVISTS project is to change belief systems and social structures - encouraging health, sustainability, respect, social justice, and love through fun and engaging instructional videos created by kids, for kids, as well as short lessons and music-based learning tools for the classroom. They provide school teachers with a curriculum that focuses on social-emotional learning and core values. They aim to empower children as global leaders of the next generation - promoting justice, peace, and freedom.


The LOVE ACTIVISTS started at KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) charter schools in South Central LA, in 2017 by Alizah Silver. South Central LA is a vibrant community with a rich cultural history, and the children served at KIPP are both deeply talented and have often experienced trauma due to poverty, violence, and racial or socioeconomic injustice.


Mind-body practices like yoga, meditation, and breath work take advantage of neuroplasticity, increasing emotional/social skill building, restoring well-being and safety, increasing standardized test scores, decreasing school violence, and decreasing school suspension.


The Love Activist curriculum is divided into four sequential units of study:

1. Love Yourself (self-awareness)

2. Love Others (social/cultural-awareness)

3. Love the Earth (environmental awareness)

4. Take Action (social/environmental justice and activism

“I absolutely love the LOVE ACTIVISTS. Alizah is doing a wonderful job with the kids, and I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life. This movement is so powerful, and the LOVE ACTIVISTS have the potential to change the world in the best way.”

- Shazi Usman

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