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Adrian Grenier Sponsors Youth for the Ocean Hero Bootcamp

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

This collaboration with Lonely Whale is an example of the opportunities that can be given to youth experiencing houselessness to help them gain meaningful, life-changing, real world experience.

Adrian Grenier is the Co-Founder of the Lonely Whale Foundation, which is an incubator for courageous actions on behalf of saving our endangered oceans. They are spearheading a new era of community collaboration, bringing together talented and focused people who are able to push current boundaries in technology, media and advocacy, for the purpose of Ocean restoration and health.

“On June 28th 2019, we began our first Lonely Whale collaboration with Project Blindfold. I was able to help sponsor two students and their mother to fly to Vancouver Canada to participate in the “Ocean Heroes Bootcamp” in conjunction with the UN, Captain Planet, and Point Break Foundation.” – Adrian Grenier

Thanks to the full scholarship Adrian was able to provide for Rachel and her brother Nicolas, these two brilliant young people have now met with 300 other children from around the globe.

“During camp, the youth learned from industry experts and attended leadership workshops and empowerment trainings. They were introduced to the viability of careers in science, environmentalism, teaching and advocacy. Despite the everyday challenges of navigating life while homeless, these two young people have touched a bigger world and as a result of this exposure, have not only tasted new possibilities for themselves, but can become peer influencers. It was gratifying to all of us at Lonely Whale to be able to provide this great learning experience to this family.” – Adrian Grenier The younger generations are leading the charge on reversing the effects of plastic pollution and the world's overconsumption. Lonely Whale and the United Nations is arming the next generation with the tools they need to organize and affect real change in the coming decade.

People Involved:

Adrian Grenier is a filmmaker, actor and activist who was appointed to the United Nations as a goodwill ambassador for the environment. Adrian was the first Social Good Advocate for Dell computers, and co-founded  Lonely Whale in 2015 as a vehicle to inspire empathy and action for protecting the ocean environment and marine life. Grenier attended the COP 21 climate talks in Paris and advocated alongside ocean explorer Sylvia Earle and wildlife conservation leader Dr. Jane Goodall for swift action to reduce global carbon pollution.

Emy Kane – Emy is the director of digital strategy of award-winning Lonely Whale and program manager of the Ocean Heroes Bootcamp. The social media powerhouse spearheaded the #StopSucking campaign, the global award-winning viral social media challenge, which has since earned transcription into over 25 languages, including the six official United Nations languages, and has reached nearly 350 million viewers across 40 countries. Emy has been recognized by Passion Passport as a top social media thought leader and practitioner and has presented at the third UN Environment Assembly in Nairobi; PVBLIC Foundation Media for Social Impact Summit hosted at UN headquarters; the Global Citizen Movement Makers Summit; Climate Woke artists retreat, an exclusive reception for public figures to discuss the intersectionality of climate change and race; Defend Our Future’s Youth Fly In Dinner, and others.

Adrian and Emy both have visited the Union Rescue Mission Shelter on Skid Row to speak to homeless youth about the dangers of plastic and encouraged students to submit applications for The Ocean Hero’s Bootcamp.

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